CCC Podcast 077 – Chase Aucoin on the Microservices Manifesto

April 09, 2018 mgroves 0 Comments Tags: podcast microservices

Chase Aucoin has created a microservices manifesto. This episode is sponsored by Smartsheet.

  • The Microservice Manifesto

  • South Florida Code Camp

  • Some acronyms mentioned:

    • SOA (Service-oriented architecture) is a broad topic, but here’s a little article on the History of SOA

    • ERP (Enterprise resource planning), examples you may have heard of include Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft, SAP

    • ESB (Enterprise service bus), examples you have have heard of include Microsoft BizTalk, Azure Service Bus, WebSphere ESB, and many others.

    • CI/CD – Continuous Integration (in a nutshell: build automation) / Continuous Deployment (in a nutshell: deploying software to production on a frequent basis)

  • RabbitMQ – an open-source message broker

  • Docker – a container platform

  • "Waterfall" is typically used disparagingly to describe a "big design up front" approach to creating software, as opposed to an iterative "agile" approach.

  • Azure Service Fabric libraries for .NET

  • February was Marfan’s Awareness Month, thanks for sharing that, Chase!

Music is by Joe Ferg, check out more music on!


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